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Oct '45


25 September - 8 October 1945

Underway for Panama. The demobilization contingent is hard at work.

9 - 11 October 1945

The Bataan transits the Canal successfully, in spite of a perceptible starboard list. This transit of the Bataan is recorded by photographers from LIFE Magazine and featured as "Picture of the Week" in the October 22, 1945 issue. Many feminine spectators lined that side of the locks. Liberty was enjoyed at Christobal and Colon on the Atlantic side in a very orderly fashion. The ship's crew did it's share of balancing the Panamanian budget by buying souvenirs and gifts for their families and friends, and by other expenditures of a less permanent nature.

12 - 17 October 1945

Underway for New York -- The Last Lap (from Tokyo Bay).

17 October 1945

The U.S.S. Bataan is greeted by the "Lady with the Torch." The long journey is over.

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