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Life After WWII/Korea

USS Bataan (CVL-29) Korean War History

1.  Anyone out there aware that the CVL-29 sunk in 1958.  I received a report from Jack Miller, EMC (Ret) who was a young 3rd class Electrician assigned to the San Diego Group, Reserve Fleet in 1958.  He reports that the Bataan sunk at her moorings at Pier 11, and was sitting on the bottom, flooded to the 3rd deck.  Jack and others from the San Diego Group were heavily involved in the re-floating and clean-up of the  ship, most of the work being accomplished in near darkness. 

2. Where are these shipmates today?

The following members of the USS Bataan/HMS Glory crews swapped duties off the West Coast of Korea during Bataan's third cruise in support of the Korean War.  Do you know of their whereabouts? bataan29@ktc.com

James A ADAMS, RN, SM, RN-891972

Ronald ASHTON, RN, MNE, RN-6539

Kenneth E BALL, USN, AB3, USN-4165392, Active Member Bataan Assoc (May 07)

Ray F BARNETT, RN, AB, RN-837247

Ernest G BLAKEMAN, RN, PO, RN-660787- Active in HMS Glory Association

Joseph BROWN, RN, NA(AH3), RN-886241

Robert J CHAPMAN, RN, AB, RN-778027

Ronald W COOPER, RN, L(AIR), RN-851751

Clifford E CUMMINGS, USN, ET, USN-4005648- Deceased

Peter D DALEY, RN, PO(SM), RN-92135

Darwin D DYTRICH, USN, BM, USN-8425924

Anthony W EADE, RN, PO, RN-789395

Maurice FOSTER, RN, TEL, RN-871265

Sam H GARNER, USN, GM, USN-6059023 

Jerald M C GRAHAM, RN, LT, RN-6250086

James GRIFFIN, RN, LA, RN-772323

Gilbert HOLTHAM, RN, LT, RN-?

Richard E INGALLS, USN, RM, USN-7999767

Eric H LANHAM, RN, PO, RN-643498

Robert W LAU, USN, SN, USN-3037492

Alexander LAW, RN, L(AIR), RN-712652

John R LINNEY, RN, LSM, RN-848991

Gerald C LONG, RN, NA(O), RN-849128

James D MARSHALL, RN, EM, RN-892506

Burton A MARTIN, RN, NA, RN-875466

Charles A MATHEWS, USN, BT, USN-6373758

Edward MCERLANE, RN, PO(A), RN-816174

Carl W MCGLOTHIN, USN, AN, USN-3485069

Robert P MCGUIGAN, USN, PH, USN-9001037

Dennis MCINTYRE, RN, L(AIR), RN-868459

Leopold MCMAHON, RN, EM, RN-872070

Donald MCTAGGART, RN, LS, RN-795461

Anthony MILBURN, RN, NA, RN-853323

Joseph MULLEN, USN, FC, USN-7065811

John NEVEY, RN, MNE, RN-9475. To contact John: john.nevey@tiscali.co.uk

Arthur T NORMAN, RN, REM, RN-892773- Active Member Bataan Assoc (May 09)

David W PAPPMEIER, USN, SN, USN-4256757- Active Member Bataan Assoc  (May 06)

Les REYNOLDS, RN, UNK, RN-?, Active Member Bataan Assoc (May 10)

Malcolm ROBERTS, RN, AB, RN-771347

George N SCOTT, RN, NA(AHE), RN-757956

William R SHELLEY, RN, LT, RN-194819

Harold SIMPSON, RN, NA, RN-849128

Douglas R SMITH, RN, PO(TEL), RN-148030

Irvin J SPOONER, RN, LSA, RN-786052

Thomas STALLARD, RN, SIG, RN-772118

Fred STEPHENS, RN, LA, RN-772118

Collin SUMMERVILLE, RN, O(TEL), RN-865719

James E TAYLOR, USN, SN, USN-4174413

Leyndel M TERWILLIGER, USN, AN, USN-3887149

Brian THOMAS, RN, NA, RN-870796

Joseph F TOMMINGER, USN, RD, USN-3258171

Raymond C WALLACE, RN, NA(O), RN-875138

Alvin D WILLIAMS, RN, L(AIR), RN-846504

Norton E WINFIELD, RN, EM(A),RN-834862, Active Member Bataan Assoc (May 07)

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